The old testament prophet Malachi wrote that, at a future time, the Sun of Righteousness would manifest to usher in a new an dynamic age on earth (Malachi 4:1-3). The Dead Sea Scrolls recorded a similar prophecy of a celestial epiphany in which God’s Light would illuminate the world in the End Times (Book of Hymns), and the Sibylline Oracles, penned by ancient Jewish and Christian authors, prophesied a final age in which a celestial conflagration wrought by a New Sun would usher in a New Creation (IV: 173-8, V:209-12).

That civilization has been altered in the course of human history by tremendous terrestrial and celestial events is well preserved in history and by oral tradition. Cyclic changes in the sun have contributed even more significantly to an unstable earth, causing new solar epochs that have ruled the planet.

A new solar epoch is upon us. With the advent of the Sun of Righteousness in our age we must learn to process the spiritual forces inherent within heightened cosmic/solar energy This involves the application of certain techniques, known to religious adepts down through the ages, for the survival of the human species and our spiritual evolution under the new state of the universe. - A journal for seekers of consciousness Coming Soon - Community Communique a Service Publication of the International Community of Christ Coming Soon - Community Communique