Healing Center

Our concepts of health and healing are based on the foundations of so many healing centers of ancient spiritual temples, such as those of Egypt, Greece, India, China and the Americas, among other parts of the world. Highly sophisticated techniques based on the arts and sciences of light, color, sound, water, aroma and herbs can be used for mental, emotional and physical health. Health of the spirit and soul is emphasized above all, as all other aspects of health derive from spiritual wellness.

The International Community of Christ currently maintains its Healing Center at Steamboat Springs, Nevada. An historic site listed on the State Register of Historic Places, the area is said to have been named by Mark Twain during his stay in Virginia City in the late 19th century. Upon seeing the geysers, Twain declared, “Behold a steamboat in the desert!” Native Americans used the site for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Steamboat Springs, Nevada, is one of the most continuously active natural geothermal areas in the world. Its artesian waters are high in minerals, several of which are rare, and are used for hydrotherapy.

Water has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties, especially therapeutic volcanic water. Water, the ancient symbol for Light, is known to copy and store information, such as positive or negative thought, thus affecting physical and emotional life as well as health of body and spirit.

Use of the unique geothermal mineral water at the Healing Center and Spa at Steamboat Hot Springs is only one of the therapies available. Other therapies include a wide variety of massage, including reflexology, mud treatments and body wraps, facials, and color and sound therapies. Our newest therapy, only available in this country since 2005, is “Acoustic Therapy,” a non-invasive vibrational therapy that helps restore the body to optimal health, balance and function. It uses technologically advanced instruments to transmit to the body’s organs, tissues and cells energy frequencies that support and enhance its natural healing abilities.

Our therapies for good health generate a positive, happy, relaxed condition that affects attitude, which is one of the single most important influences that triggers the healing process.

While we have extensive plans to expand our therapies and facilities in the future, we invite you to visit the Healing Center at Steamboat Springs or on the World Wide Web at http://www.steamboatsprings.org/.

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