International Community of Christ

There is a new light on Christendom. The living Gospel of Jesus, lost since the martyrdom of his original disciples, has been repossessed. Above all, every person is being put into direct contact with the manifesting Cosmic Christ, which is being shed again upon the earth as it was during the First Advent under Jesus. The Second Advent, which was prophesied ages ago by Jesus and was hoped for by the early Christian Community, has dawned. This means that the Church is being regenerated by Christ. The manifestation of Christ on earth by means of the Sun of Righteousness has fulfilled Christianity, just as Christianity fulfilled the Law of Moses.

The Word lives in the Spirit of Christ. The Cross lives in God’s New Sun. We have come to release the Christians and the peoples of other religions from bondage to words they do not understand. Too long have our brethren been led astray by those who preach from The Books, not understanding the message. For I say unto you that God summons man to live the Holy Word. We will give a supplement and open the Book of Life and all the peoples and nations of the world shall understand the hidden meaning of Scripture now given to mankind in the last and final age…
– The Sacred Teachings of Light, Codex I.

The long-expected hope of Christianity has become a living reality through this magnificent and miraculous celestial event that has taken place, putting the Christian religion in a whole new light. The role of the International Community of Christ is to reveal to Christians the meaning of the Secret Gospel of Jesus Christ and, above all, to announce to Christendom that Christ has come again into the world by means of Divine Light to fulfill the Christian message inaugurated by Jesus two thousand years ago.

This is the news that all Christians everywhere have been waiting for — a message that everyone will want to hear. The New Ministry of the Second Advent is dedicated to furthering the Divine Plan revealed by Christ. The First Coming of Christ was considered a heresy; nevertheless, the old world was changed by the New Teaching given by Jesus, which fulfilled and amended the old Law. In a similar way, the Second Coming of Christ will unify the present Christian world (with all its fragmented interpretations, separate churches and theological differences) into a fellowship with God through a New Ministry supervised directly by the Light of Christ.

A New Age has dawned on Christianity. A new and vital message has come which will renew, restore and regenerate the Church, rebuild the Christian Community and unite Christians with peoples of all faiths everywhere as never before. The New Gospel of Christ teaches us how to live a new life in which communion with God is possible through a radically new kind of religious expression — not dogmatic, but progressive in structure, and under the guidance of God’s Word. - A journal for seekers of consciousness Coming Soon - Community Communique a Service Publication of the International Community of Christ Coming Soon - Community Communique