Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights

The Universal Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights contains the tenets of the Advocates for Religious Rights and Freedoms of the International Community of Christ. It is a statement of spiritual rights held to be the God-granted rights of the human family. Originally adopted in 1962, the full text of the Proclamation appears online at

The transitory nature of physical life, that is, mankind’s mortality, should not be considered the termination of life. An immortal spirit come from the non-material universe is the gift of God. The human family has only to express a spiritual way of life in order to regain its immortality. By so doing, men and women return to their origin. The manifestation of God’s redeeming Light upon the world in the visible sun made righteous is the mediating power by which the human family may commune with the spiritual realms whence men and women came from and to which they return….

When the eternal Voice of God speaks out to mankind, it is a redeeming force intended to free the human family from bondage to unnatural laws that result in pain, suffering, disease and death, which, though governing mankind’s physical nature, all too often impose themselves upon mankind’s spiritual nature, keeping men and women in ignorance of God….

Mankind’s mortal being, ideologies, and nations are transitory and impermanent. The Word of God forever manifests to the human family in order for it to reach its spiritual nature, which, as we are told by God, is forever lasting, immortal and divine. This spiritual nature unites all persons together into a universal fellowship…
– The Universal Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights.

The Proclamation advances the truth that all members of the human race are members of the same family regardless of social, cultural, national or ethnic origin and have no right to cause physical, mental or spiritual harm to another by any means, for such is against the Will of God and the Conscience of Man as a spiritual being. All men and women everywhere are children of God meant to partake of their immortal nature, and each, as an individual expression of the Godhead, is therefore sacred, created in the Image of God.

The Proclamation further states that each person’s spiritual rights take precedence over any material rights and that, while expressing their spiritual beliefs, faiths or convictions privately or in collective religious assembly, all members of the human family are united together in an invisible, spiritual organism animated by God which every person is obligated to respect.

Inspired by a higher calling, many enlightened leaders and thinkers of diverse backgrounds have endeavored in their lives to bring to the world a greater understanding of the mystery that is the human spirit. In our own evolution towards spiritual liberation, we pledge ourselves in fellowship to the preservation and perpetuation of our God-granted heritage. - A journal for seekers of consciousness Coming Soon - Community Communique a Service Publication of the International Community of Christ Coming Soon - Community Communique