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Texts serve as a base for understanding theory and techniques of the System of Cosolargy. The practice portion of the studies begins with introductory techniques for use of cosmic/solar energies on the personal level. Advanced techniques, consistent with individual progress, introduce the Cosolargist to new and broader uses of cosmic/solar energies that involve faculties not confined to the brain and nervous system, that is, spiritual faculties for spiritual applications. The Academy texts serve as an excellent foundation for more sophisticated textual and oral studies later on. They are designed to allow the Cosolargist to bridge science and religion through experiencing the manipulation of information communicated at superluminal speeds by a nuclear mind nurtured on energies of worlds beyond matter.

The Cosolargy Papers

The Cosolargy PapersThe following is a synopsis of the contents of the first text of twelve in this series:

The relationship of the physical body to physical and non-physical energy. The interrelationship between the physical and non-physical universes. The existence of impersonal, non-physical forces or factors in the universe which affect and control the physical mind/body and create the duality or play of opposites affecting humankind’s existence. Energy and intelligence factors. Source, dual nature and selective use of intelligence factors. The positive and negative aspects of physical and non-physical energy. Positive and/or negative consequences of utilizing powerful impersonal energy sources and the need for a disciplined use of a proven system for development of higher Consciousness.

Topics in subsequent texts include: the human organism as a photo-electric complex, relationships of chemical body to electromagnetic “body,” the development of Consciousness, understanding brain wave patterns,images and archetypal language of Light, progressive ideas on the origin of humankind and the world, learning to activate Consciousness, how to develop and recognize personal Consciousness.

Texts in this series: Introduction to The System; Anthroponomy; Heliogenics I and II; The Science of Generated Existence; Metempirics; Christogenesis; Christogenics I; Christogenics II; Self-Transformation through Identification with Archetypal Symbols; Transformation of Man into a New-World Species; Introduction to ParaCosolargy.

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Texts available as part of the University Curriculum

The Academy Symposia

The Academy SymposiaThe following is a summary of some of the concepts presented in this series:

The effects of universal energies upon the force fields, how to project oneself into higher dimensions of existence, understanding the invisible Church and its function in the world, expanded study on the use and power of symbols and wave fronts, understanding ultradimensional reality in relation to the waking and sleeping states, introduction to dream and vision analysis and interpretation, learning how to analyze oneself on the levels of Consciousness, understanding the realities of the inner self and the related struggles and conflicts, theory behind spiritual therapy for the alleviation of conflict between the human and spiritual natures, learning how to project oneself beyond the ordinary in order to commune with God, the cosmic science of the interaction of humankind with the entire universe, understanding the meaning of adeptship.

Texts in this series: Physical and Spiritual Energy in Relation to the Individual Applying the System of Cosolargy within The Community; Time, Energy and Ultradimensional Reality; The Force Behind the New-Age Minister of Christ; Transformation of Man Through Archetypal Symbols; Transformation of Man through Altered States of Mind, Psyche and Consciousness; Dream Analysis; Vision Analysis; Christoanalysis; Christotherapy I; Christotherapy II; Christotherapy III: Christophysics; Christotherapy IV: Christodynamics.

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Texts available as part of the University Curriculum

Project “X” Symposia

Project In this series, the myths, legends, beliefs, practices and teachings of ancient solar cultures around the world are discussed, providing keys to understanding the allegories of the ancients through study and practice of the techniques of Cosolargy. Included in this discussion are the ancient Kahuna techniques, solar beliefs of ancient India perpetuated by oral transmission, study and interpretation of the Phoenix symbol from various sources, the solar practices and teachings of the ancient Americans, The Way taught in ancient China, the Holy Kabbalah and secret symbolism of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Texts in this series: Solar Teachings of the Americas; Solar Teachings of Oceania; Solar Teachings of China; Solar Teachings of India; Solar Teachings of Egypt and Arabia; Solar Teachings of Israel I: The Holy Kabbalah and Secret Symbolism, Part I; Solar Teachings of Israel I: The Holy Kabbalah and Secret Symbolism, Part II; Solar Teachings of Israel I: The Holy Kabbalah and Secret Symbolism, Part III.

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Texts available as part of the University Curriculum

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