The Sacred College

Following satisfactory completion of two terms of study in The Academy, the Consociate becomes eligible to pursue higher studies through the Sacred College of Jamilian Theology. The College is charged with disseminating the True Knowledge of the Lost Teachings of Christ in newly amended and supplemental form, and its purpose is the education of individuals in the Second Advent of God. The religious education provided constitutes a new “science of living theology” — a branch of higher knowledge and a science of communication that stems directly from the revealed Teachings of Light.

These studies are offered through a distance learning tutorial program that allows the individual to begin highly specialized religious study not to be found anywhere else in the world, while continuing one’s own work, profession and family life. In this way, the individual is given the opportunity to embark on a religious life that might otherwise be impossible. The Sacred College is dedicated to teaching each member how to realize higher wisdom as a way of life.

Meeting the needs of education for the New Age Ministry, the curriculum is dynamic and flexible and includes scriptural study texts, oral teachings in-residence, and over 500 recorded lectures. The Consociate learns and adapts at his or her own pace to a religious lifestyle because there are no rigid time schedules. Each person evolves in the Ministry by degrees, learning to live a higher spiritual reality that enables each to share in the ultimate Wisdom of God. In this respect, The Community offers a radical new way of life in which the individual can experience the supreme realization of spiritual being and Consciousness.

Drawn from all walks of life throughout the world, studying Consociates are able to understand concepts and apply techniques which in ancient times were available only to the immediate disciples of Master Teachers. Though a certain degree of intellectual competence is necessary, an individual’s personal achievement in the world, or credentials in any avenue of human endeavor, is not considered above the sincere desire for enlightenment and service to God and humanity. - A journal for seekers of consciousness Coming Soon - Community Communique a Service Publication of the International Community of Christ Coming Soon - Community Communique