Consecrated Sanctuary

At its world center in the high desert of the Sierra Nevada, the Jamilian University maintains an open-air campus at the Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary. The desert Sanctuary, which comprises some 1,300 acres, is a special place providing grounds for practicing the System of Spiritual Regeneration. There are churches and shrines for liturgical practice; desert gardens for small-group lectures, tutorials, and residence training.

The Red Rock Sanctuary, Retreat and Wildlife Park is located in Antelope Valley north of Reno/Lake Tahoe. The Cathedral Church of the Americas, with a capacity of 1,000 and a park of  recently planted trees, is only a part of the grand design planned for the Monument to Human Spiritual Rights. Development of the Sanctuary is ongoing.

Three wells provide water throughout the Sanctuary. The highest wellhead, located at the top of the Temple Mount at 6,000 feet above sea level, will feed the future Shrine of God’s Waters. A second well provides water for irrigation of groves and gardens in addition to existing facilities. A third well provides another source of irrigation and feeds fresh water into a valley reservoir that makes water available to residents of neighboring valleys.

The Red Rock Sanctuary is a retreat for members of The Community and a sanctuary for wildlife native to the high desert of northern Nevada. The Sanctuary grounds provide protection for deer, antelope and birds; and the reservoir and other watering holes offer fresh water. - A journal for seekers of consciousness Coming Soon - Community Communique a Service Publication of the International Community of Christ Coming Soon - Community Communique